#03 Approved F-1 Visa Interview Experience US Embassy Bangladesh by Azmayeen Ameen

উচ্চশিক্ষার জন্য দেশের অনেক শিক্ষার্থী যুক্তরাষ্ট্রকে বাছাই করে , এজন্য নানা প্রক্রিয়ার মধ্য দিয়ে আবেদন করতে হয়। আজকে একটি সফল Visa Interview দেখবো। আবেদনকারী হিসেবে ছিলেন Azmayeen Ameen

Visa interview experience:

Visa Type – F1

Status – Approved

CEAC status – Issued

Visa attempt – 1

Interview Date – 16 July, 2023

Appointment time – 11:00 AM

Arrived at Embassy – 9:30 AM

Duration – 1 – 2 mins

University – Southeast Missouri state University

Intended Program – Bachelor’s of Computer Science (BSc)


International academic excellency award

Documents carried

  • Passport(Old and new)
  • Appointment confirmation
  • I-20, Sevis payment receipt
  • MRV receipt
  • DS-160
  • Bank statement
  • Bank solvency certificate
  • Stock certificate
  • Father’s employment certificate
  • father’s 3 months pay slip
  • Provident fund statement
  • Treasury bonds certificate (shonchoy potro)
  • Fixed deposit certificates
  • TIN, tax return certificate
  • O level statement of result
  • SAT score and duolingo English test score certificate

Test Scores

O levels (GCSE) – 2A*, 4A and 1B

SAT score – 1290

Duolingo test score – 145

Certificates checked – Appointment confirmation and passport (At entrance), DS form and passports (during fingerprint scan), passports and I-20 (during interview with VO)

Conversation with VO

    Counter number – 7

    VO description – Middle aged white man


    Me – Hello good morning sir, how are you?

    VO – Hello good morning! I’m fine, how are you?

    Me – I am good thank you for asking.

    VO – Please pass me your passport and I-20

    Me – Here you go sir (gave him the passport and I-20)

    *He looked at my I-20 for about 10 seconds and typed something in his computer*

    VO – So tell me, who is your sponsor

    Me – So my sponsor is my father, he is the general manager of finance at x company which is a multinational telecommunication company, he has been working there for the last 19 years…

    *VO interrupts me*

    VO – Wait can you tell me what kind of a company again?

    Me – It’s a multinational telecommunication company sir.

    VO – Oh okay wait a second

    *He then proceeded to type something in his computer, my assumption is that he searched up the name of the company to see if what I said was true or not *

    VO – Okay okay please continue.

    Me – So as I was saying my father has been working there for the last 19 years, he earns around…

    *VO interrupts me again*

    VO – Okay wait stop that’s it

    *He had my passport in his right hand and he picked up my I-20 to pass it to me, I thought I was going to be rejected as he had my passport and I-20 in the same hand, but then he only gave me the I-20 and kept the passport aside*

    VO –

    Congratulations I am approving your visa, enjoy your stay in the United States.

    *He then handed me the blue leaflet and while I was taking it he asked me another question *

    VO – So do you have any siblings?

    Me – Yes sir, I do have a younger brother who just completed his O level exams.

    VO – So who is the better student between you two?

    Me – I think we are both good students according to our classes and age.

    VO – Okay that’s wonderful, you may go now *with a smile*

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